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A big "Hello There"
I received  the 3 CD set as well as the custom picks in the AM mail delivery.
I couldn't wait to try the custom picks as your hype said they would work.  Guess what----
They work far better than the stock Dunlap picks.  Hands down!......I am no spring chicken, 70 years old this Feb.  Been playing guitar for 60 years. Semi-pro musician from 1956 till 1976. I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession and have been retired since 1997 and have lots of time to play. 
Your CD's are GREAT and easy to listen to.
D. S.   

   I Like the way you form the custom picks. I assume I still have to put them in water to fit my fingers.  Bought an amp today from It's a Fender® Acoustasonic Jr DSP Combo Amp with Effects
Paul G.

  I just wanted to let you know I have really enjoyed your website and your material on finger picking.  I also like the finger picks I got off your website much better than the nickel ones I started out with.  Thank you for taking the time to provide this information for people just learning the technique.   I agree with you that this style really stands out above others.  I’ve got a Seagull S6 cedar  guitar, and I will say it is perfectly suited for this style.  I love the way it blends with vocals as well.  Again, thank you for providing such a valuable resource to those just learning this technique.  You have been instrumental (no pun intended) in adding another dimension to my guitar playing.
Aaron Miller  

Dear Paul,
   I have been practicing with the custom finger picks and I must tell you I am very happy with them. 
I am still getting used to but I feel more and more confident with them.
  You warned me so much that I thought it was going to be nearly impossible. And it is not. It is hard, it takes time, but it is possible. I think it is very important to have them quite tight, so in the end you feel as if they are part of your fingers. The first times it took me at least half an hour to reach something vaguely similar to that feeling. And now I still need a time to really forget about them and concentrate on the music.  

    Anyway, the sound you get with finger picks is so good that it encourages you to carry on practicing. I do not want to play anymore with bare fingers!!........Thanks a lot for your time and patience.

I've been finger picking for quite a while now.  Played bluegrass banjo about 30 years ago and guitar for 40+ years (yeah, I'm an old geezer!).  I've recently gotten into playing slide on a couple of resonator guitars.  I'm thinking the plastic finger picks would be better suited than the metal.
 Thanks!   Mike

    ......I really prefer the sound of picks over fingers, there's just more volume and clarity. I would hate to give up playing with picks because I thought its was just too hard to learn as compared with my fingers.
Thanks for everything,

   First, I found your web site by looking for information on finger picking the guitar.  I have played the guitar for over 20 years, but have just in the last year gone to finger picking – and I love it.  It has opened a whole new demission of playing.  I have a strong influence from John Denver, James Taylor and Gordon Lightfoot. 
   Good finger picks are hard to find – they are just not available in local music stores so I thought I would give you’re a try and see how it goes.  I’ll let you know.
   Thanks for fill my order, looking forward to listening to your CD’s.

You gotta read this next one!  This guy is a real hoot!  I got a kick out of it anyway.
Hi Paul,
    I received my custom finger picks in the mail today!!  I quickly unwrapped them and marveled at the small compact size. At first I thought that perhaps a page of instructions was missing. There was no
explanation of how to turn them on
, select which picking pattern that  I wanted to play or how to replace the batteries.  Being a bit of an electronics nut It dawned on me that maybe they automatically turn on when they get close to metal. I quickly put them on my fingers following your easy to read instructions 
and put my hand next to the stings..  Nothing.  They didn't move my fingers at all.    Then it occurred to me that they must be voice activated. Talking directly into my fingers I tried several different voice commands.. On...Turn on...... Begin.....Then I thought maybe louder... TURN ON....TURN ON... This was about the time my wife walked into the room.  She took one look at me, muttered something that sounded very much like "idiot", turned around, left the room, packed a suitcase and left.  Don't feel bad. It wasn't your finger picks. I think it all started when I purchased my fourth, and very expensive guitar.
    After exhausting every possibility I concluded that there is no missing page of instructions, no batteries, no on and off switch or picking pattern dial.. These are manual fingerpicks.
     That's ok... I have a manual flat pick that works the same way.  I started manually moving my fingers and... very cool... This is going to be great. Awkward at first but having finger picked with bare fingers for a while things started falling into place.. Then I remembered I was violating 
rule number one... follow the lesson plan..  So, I am boiling water at the moment and warming up the computer. Going to start from the beginning on your web site. Yup, I'm going to show my appreciation... and purchasing your three CD's.
I'll let you know how it's going..

Glad to hear from you again! This is my second order of picks.  I pretty much wore the first ones out. It is impossible to get them up here in Eastern Canada, at lest plastic ones. I have been making some progress in using them but need to continue practicing. I have one of your CD's  and will likely get more. I don't know of many finger pickers up here but I like it but it does take a lot of determination.  Talk to you later.

 S.R. (Hank0
Dear Paul Smith,
Your site is excellent! Thank you so much.  I have your custom finger picks.  My fingerpicking skills have increased a great amount. I can play several fingerpicking songs now, such as Bron-Yr-Aur (Led Zeppelin), Can't You See (Marshall Tucker Band), Hotel California (Eagles), etc. I am also learning Early Morning Rain. 
Your cd's are excellent.   
Thanks again!

  You will be pleased to hear that I have today received your CD + my two sets of customised picks. I have listened and enjoyed your cds and tried the fingerpicks on. I was surprised to find I think that they fitted so well and I only had to open up the second finger pick a little. I have bent the fingers of each pick at the base where it joins the band to bring the ends a little further away from the centre of the finger more in line with the nail as you suggest and am now going to have a play with them.I will keep you informed of my progress.
   PS your package was postmarked the 21st and it is stamped as passing customs on the 26th . it then took 2 days to reach me.
    Regards Eric

Paul Smith:
I have religiously started your learning  program from your web site and have the following
1) You should have been a teacher as your understanding of the brain's learning
     operations is excellent.
2) you methodology is fantastic as it shows that you have been through this type of
    thing yourself, probably for many years. (been there, done that)
3) I have progressed very rapidly using the 15 minute rule, 4 times a day. Mastered
     patterns one through four in 10 days, all the way to 186 BPM. I have already used
     the method in a group practice (ballad). Worked great. Nice sounds. Good comments.
4) I think that being a two pick player (1 F 1 T) helped some; however 3 or 4 seems the way.
D. S.

Hi Paul,
I made a big mistake today and bought metal finger picks (dunlop) for learning to use on my Acoustic Guitar.....bad move. I should have done more research first and I would have found your website. I just
ordered 2 custom sets from you! I look forward to using them because I want to be more versatile in playing my Instrument. I like playing with bare fingers and also using a flat pick but these picks from you will really help me. Thanks for the information you offer on your website!!
Harvey Crow

Hi Paul:
   Just wanted to let you know I got the finger picks this afternoon. You're right about the large picks. I'm 5'6" and about 140 lbs with small hands and fingers and the picks fit perfect. They aren't tight at all and they stay on without getting loose. I think I might "size" one of the finger picks for my third finger, its just a little bit loose but doesn't move around or fall off, it just isn't a perfect fit like the thumb pick and the 2 other finger picks. As far as getting use to finger picks I thought the first 5 minutes I would never be able to get use to them but I kept picking pattern #1 very slowly and could play it after 5 or 10 minutes. I did turn the picks to the left side of my fingers slightly as you suggest on your site and now the tongues are striking the strings "flat." The best part is the volume. When I was picking with the meat of my fingers there was no volume at all. My guitar is a big Washburn jumbo, (bigger than a dreadnought) and there was very little volume. Since my guitar is an acoustic/electric I was practicing through a 30 watt acoustic amp, not any more. Now I just practice unplugged since I would estimate the picks have doubled the volume of my picking. Buying your picks will actually save me money as I was burning through a 9 volt battery in my guitar about once a week.
   I'll leave you alone now, I'm sure you're busy. There's not much more for me to do except learn all the patterns and practice everyday. Thanks for teaching me about finger picking with picks, I definitely prefer the sound of picks over bare fingers.

Hi Paul
  I've referred several of my friends to your site in hopes they can pick up some (if not all) of your finger picking techniques.  
  It's taken me a little over 3 months but I've pretty much mastered all 20 of your patterns, though I don't necessarily use them all equally as much.  It's allot of work as you said but many people have commented how good my guitar sounds and wonder what I'm doing different (better).  It's weird, but every day is a bit different and I find myself using different thumb picks on different days and times.  One thing for sure though, it sure is loud and clear.  My friends who flat pick are amazed.  I've also learned to control myself a bit more and have developed a real good feel for the strings  i.e., I have not popped out any more bridge pins.  If you develop any more patterns, or know of something I should do to "take it to the next level" I sure would be interested in knowing and learning.
   Your web site and e-mails provided me with the motivation to learn this and I am most appreciative of your lessons.  Thanks Paul.  Hope we get to keep in touch.  

Hi Paul,  
   Great job on your web site.  You have motivated me to learn to fingerpick.  I pretty much have the first 4 lessons down and am now ready to move on.  The finger picks I have however...are killing my fingers.  Too tight!  I want to order two sets from you but am not sure whether to go with the customized sets or not or maybe even one set of each. (one customized and one not)  But I could use your advice before I order.  If it matters, I'm a dreadnaught sort of guy and finger picking is brand new to me but I now love it.  Sure appreciate your advice and again, terrific job on your web site.  I'm going to learn all 20 patterns for sure.  
  Thanks.  Dennis

HI Paul,
 Finally got the picks adjusted for my fingers.. I think.. and am starting from the beginning with your lessons. Very well done and easy to follow.  Thank you again Paul for taking the time to put the web site together. I know from experience that there is a lot of work involve