Paul Smith Music  Lyrics & Chords


                  If I Had Wings
                  capo 4th fret

      (Introduction and coda)
G   Am7   G   Am7    G   Am7   G   Am7    G   Am7   G   Am7
G              Am7                          G                  Am7    
    If I had wings, no one would ask should I fly.
G                 G7                           C      D   D7
    The bird sings, no one asks why.
G           Bm                 Am            Bm
    I can see in myself wings as I feel them.
Am         Bm                                              Am
    If you see something else, keep your thoughts to yourself
                    D                       D7
    and then,          Iíll fly free then.

G   Am7   G   Am7

G                         Am7                  G                 Am7
   Well yesterdays eyes, see there colors fading way.
   They see there sun, and itís turning gray.
   You canít share in a dream you donít believe in.
   If you say that you see and pretend to be me
   You wonít be then

   So how can you ask if Iím happy going my way.
   You might as well ask a child at play.
   Well thereís no need to discuss or understand me.
   I wonít ask of myself to become something else.
   I just be me.

       (Repeat 1st verse)