Paul Smith Music  Lyrics and Chords

       Brisky Winds  by Paul Smith

About the song

One fall afternoon in 1973, while sitting in my dorm room at ISU, I thought
about how the life of a man can be compared to the seasons of the year.
Spring being the early and teenage years.  Summer the twenties and
thirties, fall the forties and fifties and finally the older cold winterlike years
of life.  

At the time I wrote the song Brisky Winds, I was in my mid twenties.  That
would be the early Ďsummerí of my life.  I was writing about what I thought
it might be like to be in those later fall like years.  Well now Iím actually
there and yes, I do have a back porch that I like to sit on from time to time.
 Brisky Winds
by Paul Smith   1973
   capo 3rd fret

Introduction:    D   G    D   G   A7   D    D  Csus4  Asus4  D  D   G   A7  D

D                                                           G                            D
Well the leaves are falling down and the greens are turning brown.
             D                                       A         D
 and the trees not yet sleeping are dozing away.
          D           Csus4              Asus4      D
   The red birds chirping with a southern drawl,
             D                     G                            A                  D
       and hiding in those colored leaves that come with the fall.

A cackling cockbird the pheasant run low.
  The hunters are watching, and their light on their toes.
      And a squirrel I can see,  just a looking at me
           But a slight....move scares him and he runs up the tree.

                   G                          A
(Chorus)      Brisky winds blow away my sorrow
                    D                               Bm
                       Happier days will be here tomorrow
                     G                                       A
                        Sitting on my back porch swing
                                            D           G    D    G   A    D
                          Waiting for snow.

Well I remember a day when the sun it would shine.
  And the red breasted robin for the very first time.
     The rays of the sun well they would brighten my day,
          and warm up my childhood in that very special way.

But those days have all gone by and the fall is in my eye,
  and those trees not yet sleeping, are dozing away.
     Though yesterday is gone, today Iíll sing my song,
        of tomorrowís dream of a happier day.

Chorus)            Brisky winds blow away my sorrow.
                           Happier days will be here tomorrow.
                            Iím sitting on my back porch swing,
                            waiting for snow.

Chorus)             Brisky winds blow away my  sorrow.
                            Happier days will be here tomorrow.
                             Iím sitting on my back porch swing,
                              waiting for snow.