Paul Smith Music  Lyrics and Chords
          Destined For The City  by Paul Smith

About the song

Destined For The City is a true story of how I got out to Indiana.  I was born
and raised in Maryland, ĎMary landí as we use to say when I was a kid.
After graduating from High school I was in Ocean City Md. for a vacation at
the beach when my sister-in-law (ďa young girlĒ) came running down to the
beach with a message that I had received a call from Coach Roger Council
out at Indiana State University.  He had heard about my winning the
Maryland state all-around gymnastics championships the last three years
and he was offering me a scholarship to come to ISU.  So I packed my bags
went out there and ended up staying.  That was a major change in my
young life.  I had to leave Ďthe young man that I wasí behind.  At the time
that was kind of a bummer for me because I had other plans.  I figured it
was for the best though and I learned a lot..  

   by Paul Smith  1977
   12 string copo 2nd fret

Introduction;   Em    G  D  C  Em7  Am7  G   D   D7  G   C   D   G

It was back in Maryland,
 I was playing in the sea and the sand.
   Having fun in the surf and the sun
      D                                      D7
      Working up a summer time tan.
When a young girl came to say
 You have a distant call today,
   You better change your plans
                                               D                        G     Em
      and pack your bags,  youíll soon be on your way.
             Em                   C   Em                                       C
Chorus:  Destined for the city.  Itís a crying shame and a pity.
            G               D                        C        G                     D       D7
                  For the young man that I was, I left behind that day.
                                                 G           C   D   G
                            He was taken away

So in five hours time
   I was flying across the line.
      When the plane touched down in Indy town,
         The feeling brought a piece of mind.

So with nothing else to do
 I just wrote a poem or two
    about a change in planes
        when I packed my bags
            and away from home I flew.                   


Just an hourís drive from there,
 I met the man who paid the fair
   He showed me around the school and the town
      Said I ad to cut my hair.

He watched me work that day,
  said heíd help me pay my way.
    Well I had changed my plans and packed my bags,
       four years I was going to stay                            


D                              C                  
Know one here even knows my name
D                     C                Em7      Am                D     G  C  G  D  G  Em
but I donít care, itís just the same to me, for Iíll be free