Paul Smith Music  Lyrics and Chords
         All I've Left Of You    

About the song:
The most devastating thing that can happen to someone is to loose a loved one in death.
When something like that happens to you it's even hard to comprehend or understand it.
In some cases the grieving process can take a long long time, even years.  Slowly letting 
go, little by little.  With the passing of time the memories of them begin to fad.  As they 
do, feels of sadness and loneliness can surface and even guilt. Ultimately though, the 
time must come when you just have to "say goodbye."  All that's left is fading memories, 
a few photographs, and of course, your love of them. 

            All I've Left Of You  
            by Paul Smith copyright 2005
                    6 string Capo 2nd fret

Introduction:     D     F#m   D     F#m    D     F#m   D7   b a g f#  G  b a g f# e d  Cm
                        D c#  Bm  Em   A7   D   a b c#

  D                   F#m                        D7                                      G
     Empty days,        lonely nights       Broken memories of       holding you tight
Cm                              D     c#   Bm           Em                      A         D    a b c#
           wish I may Oh wish  I    might        but there all Iíve left of you.
D                            F#m                     D7                                         G
        Drifting snow,         sifting sand      Thumbing photographs I hold in my hand.
Cm                                           D     c#      Bm   Em                         A               D    d e f# g
    Well Iíve tried so hard just to           understand       how thatís all Iíve left of you.

        G               A      D      c#      Bm    G                   A7   D        a b c# g
            Lonely days      forgotten ways              lazy afternoons
          G                      A             D                  c#         Bm                
              For this emptiness Oh yes        Iíve made requested and   
              Em                                                   A7       a d c#
                      sometimes well that seems to do.

D                              F#m                           D7                               G
      But seasons pass       they slip behind      I feel you slowly    fading in time
Cm                                                           D c#      Bm    Em                    A       D      a b c#
       for these distant memories are        all I can find          They're all I left of you.

(Bridge same as into.)

Em                  A7             D    d e f# g
        There all Iíve left of you

G             A7     D      f#        Bm   G               A7   D       d e f# g
    Lonely days     forgotten ways     Sunday afternoon
G                    A7                       D     f#              Bm       Em                               A7          b c#
   Well I Told my heart to make a      a brand new start for      Thatís all you can do cause
D                                F#m                  D7                                    G
     Cause here below          All alone       lies your only love beneath a cold stone
Cm                                                          D c#        Bm      Em                         A7       D     a b c# d
        Oh how Iíve wished that you were    coming home         but thatís all I left of you.

D                           F#m                          D7                                      G                   
    So here I stand          tear filled eyes     I know what I must and yes Iíve tried
Cm                                               D c#           Bm    Em                             A7      D       d b f# g
      But Iím finding it so hard to       say goodbye          cause thatís all I left of you.

G               A      D     c#        Bm    G       A7    D      d e f# g
     Lonely days     forgotten ways    lazy afternoons
G                     A       D           c#                Bm   Em                                          A7  a b c# G
   This broken heart      and a brand new starts        well thatís all Iíve left of you
G                       A                  D     c#              Bm     Em                        A       D     a b c# d
     This broken hearts and a      a brand new starts        thatís all Iíve left of you

Coda same as Introduction:   D     F#m   D     F#m    D     F#m   D7   b a g f#  G  b a g f# e d  Cm
                                                  D c#  Bm  Em   A7   D   a b c#

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