Paul Smith Music  Lyrics and Chords
          It's So Easy  by Paul Smith

About the song:
On the East Coast of Delmarva (Del., Md., and Va.) there are resort towns like Rehoboth,
Bethany Beach, and Ocean City where many people spend the summer and then leave.  
During those summer months, it is easy for romances to develop.  Many couples find 
themselves having to part ways at the close of summer to return to their prior obligations.
It can be a very happy and yet a very sad time around here.  "It's So Easy" is about a 
young man promising his new found love that he will return with an engagement ring in 
the early spring.  If she says yes - then "
that will be the best of days
" for him.  

It's So Easy
   by Paul Smith  1977
    6 string capo 2nd fret

(Like the first verse)
G   C   b   Am7   C   D   D7   C   D   G    G7    C   Am   D   D7   C   G   G7

G                                                      C         b         Am7    G  D
Well loving you been easy, itís this leaving I canít stand.
                               D7                             C                 D
to have the likes of you slip through the palm of my hand
    G                     G7                     C        b       Am    G   
I need for you to know oh please try to understand
      D                             D7                    C                  G         G7
Despite the way things are, Iím gonna do the best I can.

                                    C                          G
         For you made it    easy, yah itís so    easy
              D                       c                        G         Am7 Gsus4 
         to fall in love with you has been so na-tu----ral to do
               G7      C                            G
         Yah itís so    easy, Yah itís so     easy
              D                       D7                      C                      g f# e# d c b a b e f# G 
         To be in love with you has been a dream coming true.

But summer time is over now, winterís on itís way.
The time has come for me to go I know that hurts to say
But soon I will be sailing south to the Sinepuxent bay.
and Iíll be shoving off from this harbor before the closing of the day.


Iíll be heading down past Chincoteague then into the open sea
My final destination Sanibel Islandís lea
And there is where Iíll winter, but a long one it shall be,
For my longing to be with you, cause thatís what youíve done to me.


Interlude (1st verse)

When the spring rains start to falling Yah Iíll be sailing back this way.
This time itíll be for good, hereís where I long to stay.
and with me Iíll have a diamond ring to ask you if I may
and if by chance you do say yes, that will be the best of days.

Chorus; Repeat chorus

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