Paul Smith Music  Lyrics and Chords
         Taken A Spin  by Paul Smith


About the song

Our planet earth keeps spinning and spinning.  Time moves relentlessly on
and on just like the waves of the sea that keep coming and breaking onto
the beach.  It was clear to me back in 1976, as it is to this day, how
precious and beautiful the gift of life really is.   There is so, so much to
enjoy in life.  A sunset.  The wildlife.  The warmth and love of a woman are
some of the things mentioned in the song.  Its only natural for a man to
wonder about why and how it all has come to be.  Out of a heart thankful
for it all came this song, Taken A Spin.  

Taken A Spin
   by Paul Smith  1976
 capo 2nd fret E string tuned to D

Introduction  D    D

D                                                      G
    Once again, well weve all taken a spin.
                  A7                                          D
       and the evening brings along a chilly wind,
 D                   D                                   G
          and the sun paints a fiery photo red,
                         A7                                            D          D7
             and the wildlife find a place to lay their head.

D7                 G           A7                          D             D7
    And as the sun sinks beneath the ocean waves,
  D7               G      A7                         D
        life gives thanks, for the light she gave,
     D                                                                G
           and the evening softly falls on a closing day,
  G                       A7                                                     D
              then the moon greets the stars, and I begin to play.

                                (interlude  repeat first section)
D            D                                        G
    Once again, well weve all taken a spin.
                        A7                                                D
       Time goes on and those waves keep a rolling in,
                 D             D                            G
           and Im just a man who needs to understand
             G                              A7                                  D
               And so Ill spend my life, in wonderment till I can.

   D                      G    Gmaj7   Em7      A7   D
          And as the sun   sinks   beneath   the   sea
    D                   G Gmaj7    Em7     A7 D       
             And the   wildlife      rest      quietly.
        D            G     Gmaj7        Em7       A7      D
                  Ill think    of     a     woman    like    she,
               D                         G  Gmaj7    Em7    A7      D   D   A7  D
                       and how its all     for a     man     like.... me.