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                                     Shipping Costs
Shipping costs are kept to a minimum using the lowest possible rates.  CDs in jewel cases are shipped FREE in the lower 48 United States.  (That is with no charge to the customer.  Paul Smith Music still pays shipping on those items.)   In order to keep costs at this low rate, all shipping is calculated for the United States only.  If you're out of the continental U.S, shipping rates are obviously higher.  Also items must be taken to the post office and mailed rather then from here, because of "customs".  (Thanks to Terrorism)   So the extra expense must be added to what's paid for through PayPal with the original purchase.  Most purchases are made from the USA so it doesn't affect these.   However, for those few that must be shipped out of the United States, please understand that you will need to pay more for shipping and handling then what is shown at PayPal's original checkout..  

     What To Do If Shipped Out Of The United States
If out of the continental United States, Paul Smith Music will send you an email with the subject  "Paul Smith Music - Extra Shipping" With this notice you will see how much extra it will cost.  Then you will be sent a PayPal  request for money notice in that same amount.  Once that "Extra Shipment Payment" is received, your item will be shipped no later than the very next business day. 

Paul Smith thanks you for your purchases, understanding and for your cooperation to help keep the shipment rates down for those who live here in the States..  

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