Paul Smith Music  Lyrics & Chords

          Sweet Baby James
                    capo 2nd fret

            G    Em    Asus4   A7

           D               A                  G              F#m
  There is a young cowboy who lives on the range.
         Bm                G                   D          F#m
  His horse  and his caddle are his only companions
        Bm              G                    D                 F#m
  He works in the saddle and he sleeps in the canyons
   G               D              Em           Asus4    A7
  Waiting for summer his pasturs to change
         G                              A            D
  And as the moon rises he sits by his fire
   Bm                   G                 D           A
 Thinking about a women and glasses of beer.
         G                                 A         D
  and closing his eyes as the doges retire   
       G                                    D     
  He sings out a song which is soft but its clear
       Em                                 Asus4    A   A7
    as if mayby someone could hear
              D                      G           A  D    G                                D
            Good night you moon light ladies.  Rockaby  sweet baby James
              G                                             D
             Deap greens and blues are the collors I chose
                              Em                               Asus4   A7
             Won’t you let me go down in my dreams
                      G           A                D
              And rockaby sweet baby James

Now the first of December was coverd with snow                        
    & so was the turnpike from stockbridge to Boston
  Though the berches seemed dream like on a count of the frostin
    with ten miles be hind me & ten thousand more to go

    there’s a song that they sing when they take to the highway
        a song that they sing when they take to the sea
      a song that they sing of their home in the sky
          mayby you can believe it if it helps you to sleep
              but singing works just fine for me