Paul Smith Music Finger Picking Tab. Picking Patterns #14-20
                                                         (Roll picking)

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   Finger picking Tab.  Patterns #14 - 20  (Roll picking patterns)   

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It's best to download the Audio samples.  Use them to help get the rhythm of the pick patterns.
            (These samples are mp3 formatted at 64kbps, 10 to 15sec. in length, and average about 100KB)

Picking Pattern #14  (Roll pick)  
          Now we are going to change the basic pattern and do something different.  
          Start in the middle strings in the SECOND POSITION.  We are showing  a C chord.
          Rather than alternating back and forth between the thumb and fingers as in Travis style, 
          on this page of patterns you will use what is called a "roll."  In these patterns you will pick 
          the thumb then 'roll' to 1st and 2nd fingers.   Merle Travis did not and could not play these 
          type patterns using his famous style because he didn't use three finger picks like you are.
                                   Audio samples / Slow  / Fast /  

   C   chord
E  II------------------------I--------------------------II   
B  II----------1---------1---I---------1----------1-----II    
G  II-*-----0---------0------I------0----------0------*-II   
D  II-*------------2---------I-------------2----------*-II   
A  II----3-------------------I---3----------------------II
E  II------------------------I--------------------------II

         T  1  2  T   1  2       T  1  2   T   1  2          

Picking Pattern #15  (Roll pick)  
This picking pattern begins with "Travis style" and then quickly changes to a subtle 
           "roll style"  in the middle of each measure. 
                                   Audio samples / Slow  / Fast /  

   C   chord

       T  2  T  1  2   T  1       T  2  T   1  2   T  1


Picking Pattern #16   (Roll pick)  
            This pattern is the same as #15 except your using the high strings instead of the middle strings.  
            So your right hand will be in the FIRST POSITION.  Your thumb reaches to the 'a' string.
            Your goal will be to learn to adjust the right hand position while continuing to play.

                                    Audio samples / Slow  / Fast /  
   C   chord

       T  2  T   1   2   T   1       T  2  T  1  2    T  1     



Picking Pattern #17   (Roll pick)  
           Combine both finger picking patterns #15 and #16  
           Note that you still use the 1st and 2nd right hand fingers in the second measure in this one,
           even though you switch from SECOND POSITION to the FIRST POSITION.  This is 
           accomplished by keeping the same finger picking  pattern going while shifting the right hand position .
           to the higher strings.  Please note that this change in your right hand position doesn't necessarily mean 
           that your "anchor" changes.  That is your little finger may not move on the top of the guitar as you
           make these changes back and forth.

                                    Audio samples / Slow  / Fast /  
   C   chord

       T  2   T  1  2   T  1       T  2  T   1  2  T  1


Picking Pattern #18   (Roll pick)  
This finger picking pattern will be the same as #17 but a slight change in the last bass note.
         Learn to concentrate on the Thumb while picking different patterns.  Let your thumb be your guide.
         Again you are changing your right hand position from FIRST POSITION to SECOND POSITION.

                                     Audio samples / Slow  / Fast /  
  C   chord

       T  2   T  1  2   T  1       T  2  T    1  2  T  1


Picking Pattern #19  
This time the pattern will change in the second measure.  (The whole 2nd measure is Travis style)      

                                    Audio samples / Slow  / Fast /  
  C   chord

       T  2   T  1  2   T  1       3   T  1   T   2   T  1

Picking Pattern #20    
In this finger picking pattern you begin like pattern #15 but you continue to roll 
          your pick three times.  After the third time you have a subtle change back to Travis style.

                                    Audio samples / Slow  / Fast /  
   C   chord

       T  2  T  1   2   T  1  2  T  1  2  T  1  T  2


Again on these new finger picking patterns try these exercises:
Accent individual notes each time as you pick it.
  Do this for each note in the pattern until you can 
accent any note at any given time.  Just as you did in the other patterns #1 - 13.  

Another exercise -  increase speed and go as fast as you can until you begin to make mistakes 
                                       Then- STOP!!!
Start again very slowly and pick all the strings very hard, as hard as you can as you increase speed.
Pick as hard as you can and go as fast as you can until you start to make mistakes 
Start again, very lightly picking the strings this time, as you increase speed.  Go as fast as you can 
until you start to make mistakes.        STOP!!!

Play at a speed that is about as fast as you can without making mistakes but play that pattern
for a long time.  Still if you start to make mistakes.    STOP!!!   
Try to build to 5 minutes.   (That's about the average length of one of my songs.)

Doing these exercises will help you "set" or "burn" the patterns in your brain.

Some other things to help "set" what you've learned in your mind is to play them 
somewhere else and in different settings.  Leave your computer and go to 
another room. 
Play and practice the patterns there.  
Also play them at different times of the day.  Get up from bed in the morning, 
and before you do anything else practice your new patterns, again at noon,
then again at night before you go to bed.  This will help you "burn" them in your mind. 
Go to a friend's house, and play for them.  Changing your surroundings and people.  
You'll be surprised how the first time you try to play the new things you've learned
in front of someone, it will be like you have "forgotten" everything.  Changing your 
surroundings and playing in front of an audience will further imbed them in your 
memory.  The bigger the audience the better!  Then think about, say, John Denver.
How does someone like him get to be so good.  Simple really - He did it a lot. 

Remember - Do not practice the pattern wrong.
Also - Do not practice a new pick pattern more then 15 minutes. 
Your mind will learn best while fresh.  So don't overdo it. 
Of course once you have mastered a pick, you can forget about the 15 min.
"Rule" but if you start to make mistakes, it's time to move on to something else 
or just stop playing all together.

Something else that will help you is to learn to go back and forth between pick patterns, 
using all the patterns you've already mastered.  You don't want to lose what you've worked 
so hard to learn.  So keep practicing
all of them. Go back and practice the patterns #1-13 
if you still want to practice. Work on the new pattern only when fresh or at the beginning of 
practice sessions.

The most enjoyable way to learn to pick is to incorporate the patterns in songs.
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