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Introduction to finger picking tablature for six string guitar
        Before you begin the lessons, make sure you read  
        WHY learn to finger pick?  And HOW to learn


The parallel lines on the page stand for the six strings on the guitar.

E string   -----------------------------------------------------
B string  -----------------------------------------------------
G string  -----------------------------------------------------
D string  -----------------------------------------------------
A string  -----------------------------------------------------
E  string -----------------------------------------------------

Double II on each string with two * represents a repeat sign.
Single I on the strings is the end of a measure.


The numbers on the strings represent the frets that are played.
This is a D chord slowly strummed.


Occasionally above the strings are left hand symbols.
You will see these only when the left hand fingering is needed.  
Under the strings are the fingers of the right hand
assigned to play the note above it.  This is a D chord
picked with thumb and fingers.

          For a D chord
      t                  f     r    m       ( Left hand fingering;  t = thumb, f = forefinger,
                                               m = middle finger, r = ring finger, l = little finger)       

     T    T    T    1    2    3   
(Thumb, thumb, thumb, forefinger, second finger, third finger.)


Other symbols you might see.

II-------------------------3p2---I    Pull off from 3rd fret to 2nd
II---------------------1h3-------I    Hammer from 1st fret to 3rd fret
II------------------2p-----------I    Pull off from 2nd fret to open string
II------------2s4----------------I    Slide from 2nd fret to 4th fret
II-------h2----------------------I    Hammer from open string to 2nd fret 
II---b3--------------------------I   Bend string on 3rd fret to raise pitch

Read Finger Picking Hand Position before beginning the picking patterns

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