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                            and text about the songs, polywrapped.
                     (Due to licensing laws, Eastern Shore CD has three cover 
                      songs that the download album file does not have.) 

                              Tray card (back)
Paul surfing at O.C. inlet.          With his Martin at Assateague Island                     


          Copyright 2004

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  Eastern Shore by Paul Smith, song list, 
                                web site address and
                               art work printed on disc.


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This CD has three cover songs by Gordon Lightfoot, Marie Christine, Ballad of the Yarmouth Castle, and Christian Island and are therefore not available in digital downloads because of licensing laws.  Those songs are about sailing and being on the ocean.  The Ballad of the Yarmouth Castle is Lightfoot's other ship wreck song.  Although not a hit like the Edmond Fitzgerald, it too is a true story of a ship that went down in the Atlantic and is a fitting Ballad for this album.  Taken A Spin, Destined For The City, and Brisky Winds were written by Paul back in the late 1970's and are some of his first original songs from his school days.  The other six were written in more recent years, since he has lived on the Eastern Shore.

The last song on this CD, Best Friend Too, was an anniversary gift to his wife.  It was played on the air at 99.3 FM. on their anniversary in 2002.  Best Friend Too was certainly a hit in Paul's house that night.

Title of
Cover Songs are in blue.

               1. Marie Christine  
               2. Taken A Spin  
            3. Destined For The City  
              4.  Brisky Winds  
                 5. Easy Guitar  
               6. Eastern Shore  
7. Ballad Of The Yarmouth Castle  
                  8. Mary Lou  
             9. Dreamlike World  
10. Christian Island  
       11. Sweet Memory  
             12. Best Friend Too  
  ( 99.3 FM )

Total music time - 49min. 11sec. 

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Copyright 2004
Mechanical license #'s from HFA for cover songs listed by track are as follows;
1. #1030087387;  7. #1030087389;  10. #1030087388.





Reviewer: Robert
More of the same high quality music  that is offered in Relax and Reminisce. You will find yourself turning up the volume a little so you can fall into the harmonizing vocals of Brisky Winds. When the last note of
the Ballad of the Yarmouth Castle fades into the  distance, in addition to
having just heard a great song you will feel like you were actually on the
Yarmouth Castle and shared in the experience.  I would also challenge anyone not to have a tear in their eye after hearing  Best Friend Too.

Reviewer: Kathleen Pflieger
Paul Smith is an Eastern Shore TROUBADOUR that has produced three easy to listen to (again and again) CD's so far.  I hope there is more to come.  His 2nd CD Eastern Shore is particularly revealing
about him and his relationship with life
"on the water."  The last track,
Best Friend Too was an especially moving song to me.  It is a personal work that he dedicated to his wife, Darlene.