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Photo that inspired Goose Lake.        Paul writing and recording in studio.

Copyright 2005

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  Goose Lake by Paul Smith, song list, 
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This is Paul's latest album!!!

You are certain to enjoy this latest album.  Paul has been told this is his best yet!  As requested by his fans all the songs are original.  In fact all of this CD is his creation.  All the songs were recently written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Paul.  The graphics and photos were also done by Paul.

The cover photo (taken by Paul in Indiana) was the inspiration for the title track of this album, Goose Lake.  You can read about each song and what inspired them in the lyrics and chords pages.






                                   1. Goose Lake  5:32                            
                                 2. The Good Life 
                               3. Shadow Over Me 
                               4. No Good Reason 
                        5. Why The Whippoorwill Cries 
                              6. All I've Left Of You 
                       7. Walking And Talking With You 
                              8. Days Of Yesteryear 
                             9. No Getting Over You 
                                    10. It's So Easy 
                               11. Lesson Of The Gull 
                                   12. Now Is Now 
Total music time - 56min. 21sec.

About the songs:                     
The title track of this album, Goose Lake relates those good feelings one
gets when he goes to that favorite get away place, with fishing gear in hand, 
to create memories that will last a life time.  That feeling of "it's just good to 
be alive" is captured and set to the background of Paul's finger picking guitar 
and harmonies that are his trademark.  It's a crying shame what man is doing 
to the environment of our beautiful earth. 
What's even sadder is that no one 
seems to think that they are to blame.  This 'sad story' is told in 
The Good Life. 
In Shadow Over Me Paul does some beautiful guitar work 
and relates those depressing fillings that can come over anyone at times.  
It can be a peaceful, beautiful day, but you're blue.  Why?  There's
No Good Reason.
  All you can think about is "her."  Such a beautiful day 
being wasted without her by your side.  

Recording and sending songs out into the deep, dark night of cyberspace is 
a lonely gig. "Now I know
Why The Whippoorwill Cries." conveys those 
feelings.  The most devastating thing that can happen to someone is to loose 
a loved one in death.  The time must come when you just have to "say goodbye" because
All I've Left of You is fading memories, a few photographs, 
and of  

A young man telling his prospective first time date about how he's looking 
forward to their first date and getting to know her in this innocent way of just 

Walking And Talking With You
Some of my fondest memories are of 

Days Of Yesteryear
when I grew up living near the mouth of the 
Susquehanna River in Maryland.   That first time you see the girl of your 
dreams is an unforgettable moment.  You realize that if you don't meet this 
creature, there will be
No Getting Over You.   On the East Coast of 
Delmarva (Del., Md., and Va.) there are resort towns like Rehoboth, Bethany 
Beach, and Ocean City where many people spend the summer and then leave.  
During those summer months, It's So Easy to fall in love.  If it leads 
to marriage
then "that will be the best of days.

Lesson Of The Gull
a was a very difficult song to record because of the 
emotional memories of my "Nanny" whom I dearly loved.  She taught me 
many things about life just like grandmothers do.  Nanny has been dead 
now for many years, but I've never forgotten her or this lesson she taught 
me.  Some memories in life stand out. 
Now Is Now recounts some of 
those in my life.

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Reviewer: Carter Rhoades
"His lyrics convey pictures in your mind that leaves you satisfied, relaxed and in anticipation for more of the CD.  It is very well directed with soothing results. In whole, Paul Smith offers wholesome entertainment that I think all can enjoy.  I highly recommend this CD."

Reviewer: Robert
"Just when you were staring to think  how nice it would be to have a CD filled with Paul Smith original songs, along comes Goose Lake.  
100% Paul Smith.  Through words accompanied by the unique style of guitar playing, you will be  transported to restful places and recall memories of days gone by.  You will no doubt have your own favorites but please do not miss the signature song  Goose  Lake and 
Why the  Whippoorwill Cries

Days of Yesteryear
Lesson  of The Gull
and Paul’s story told in the song
Now is  Now

Thanks Paul… I am  looking forward to 
CD number four…"

Reviewer: Will Smith
"When you've had a long day and you need to relax.  When life gets to complicated and you need to escape.  When you want to hear something pure and simple, music that makes you reflect on good days gone by and those to come, music that makes you smile. 
Just pop in Paul Smith's Goose Lake CD and
let his gentle rhythmic picking and singing sooth your weary soul." 

Reviewer: Wayne Frances
I received your CD today - thanks! Your guitar work is excellent and your arrangements are well thought out with nice dynamics in there. Great stuff! Your vocals are very nice and well suited to the material, I like some of
the backgrounds you pan to the sides - very effective.
All in all, very enjoyable listening. Thanks a ton!"

Reviewer: Kathleen Pflieger
"Paul Smith's newest album has a beautiful sentiment in his title song, Goose lake,  when he sings "it's just good to be alive."  The second song "The Good Life" is always able to give me a spiritual lift....... but Paul's music, in general does just that.  It gives me a lift. 
Get these CD''ll be happy you did!"