Relax and Reminisce
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                 with two panel insert, polywrapped.
                 (Due to licensing laws and all the cover songs on this
                  album, Relax and Reminisce is available only on CD)

                   Cover of CD                          Tray card (back)
Paul silhouetted against sunset.       With customized 12 string Yamaha FG-2500                    

       Copyright 2003


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Relax and Reminisce is a collection of 
some of Paul's favorite songs. This music
is a pleasing blend of vocal harmonies 
accompanied by six and twelve string acoustic 
guitar work, bass and a tough of keyboard.  
Paul's relaxing sound has a wide appeal 
to people who enjoy many styles of music,
including pop, soft rock, country western,
blue grass, and folk.  Paul's style crosses 
over and cannot be classified in anyone 
category.  Paul has received many 
complements about this album and 
you are sure to enjoy it too. 
So sit back, relax and reminisce with 
Paul Smith's Relax and Reminisce CD.

Due to all the cover songs on this
album and the licensing laws concerning
them, Relax and Reminisce is only
available on CD and not by download.

Titles of
cover songs are printed in blue.
written by Paul Smith are in black. 

            1. Early Morning Rain 
            2. Sweet Baby James 
           3. Ribbon of Darkness 
     4. Did She Mention My Name 
           5. Walking and Talking 
              6. Steel Rail Blues 
       7. The Good Times We Had 
                8. Long River 
             9. If I Had Wings 
               10. Bitter Green 
         11. Wherefore and Why 
            12. So Much More 
         13. Bob Dylan's Dream 
   14. Back When We Were Young 

Total music time - 54min. 39sec.


Copyright 2003    
Mechanical license #'s from HFA for cover songs listed by track are as follows;
1. #1030261557;  2. #1030272610;  3. #1030261560;  4. #1030261555;  6. #1030261552;
7. #1030293372;  8. #1030261548;  9. #1030261568;  10. #1030261545;  11.1030261566
  From Bob Dylan Music Co.  
13. #19651-4 (date- 5/6/03)







"Nicely done"

Reviewed by MC LOGO 65 
Rating: 10    (scale 1-10)
"Paul Smith is a rare talent in a category that is flooded with an abundance of poorly performed songs. I highly recommend checking out Paul Smith's scene. Much love from
the PStarR family circle!!! 10."

Reviewer: George
All Those Lightfoot Covers!
If you like folk music done the old fashioned way, you'll love this CD 
Relax And Reminisce.  I bought it because of the Lightfoot songs. 
I wasn't disappointed. What a great find.

Reviewer: Carter Rhoades
His lyrics convey pictures in your mind that leaves you satisfied, 
relaxed and in anticipation for more of the CD. 
It is very well directed with soothing results. In whole, Paul Smith offers wholesome entertainment that I think all can enjoy. 
I highly recommend this CD.

Reviewer: Robert
Paul Smith's  rendition of time tested songs by
Lightfoot, Taylor, Yarrow, Dylan and Stookey,  including three Paul Smith originals will leave you satisfied, gratified and  mesmerized. Over 50 minutes of music at its best.
These nice words came easy. Your CD's are excellent.
I have enjoyed them very much.

Reviewer: Kathleen Pflieger
Paul's first CD Relax and Reminisce is a compilation of tunes written by artist like Gordon Lightfoot, James Taylor, Peter Yarrow, Bob Dylan and of course Paul himself.  I have listened to this CD over and over again.  
Buy'll be glad you did!

Reviewer: Eric Cox

Relax and Reminisce is a tremendous finger picking CD. Just as the title says, it is very relaxing and takes you far away. I listen to it frequently and it always calms me down. The vocals are also very good. Great work!

Reviewer: Buck (Clarence) Darnel (78 year old guitarist)
Paul, I like listening to your CD and the way you play, I don't know if I will ever get to your level, but I will work on it.

Reviewer: Dave Bakken
Your first CD does just what its title says: it makes me Relax and Reminisce.  I really enjoy this CD. Your treatment of all the cover songs is as I remember them, or maybe even better.  Your three original songs not only “fit in”, but also add variety to the period and styles represented by the other songs.  You are obviously a Gordon Lightfoot admirer, and your work is a good tribute to his.